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You need expert custody legal representation. You need seasoned custody attorneys working for you. And with The Custody Lawyer you can afford it! In fact, you can't afford not to have The Custody Lawyers for your custody representation. That's why at The Custody Lawyer's law firm we have the expert custody attorneys with the connections and experience you need in order to prove your case regarding the best interest of the child or children.  

Our custody attorneys are experts in the field of custody, trials, and criminal defense and have handled hundreds of cases with an outstanding track record. We have the answers and reassurance you need to help you through the custody legal process. We can work to help get you the deal you want.

Our attorneys have connections and seasoned experience in all the courts in the Orange County County and surrounding areas, in fact we serve Orange County, Orange County, and Orange Counties. We will work hard for you and your children.

You will get Best Prices + Best Results.

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